First of all the AE/AOE Sailors Association grew out of the USS. Wrangell Association that had been
established in the mid 80’s. The first expansion started with sailors from AE-15 asking if it was alright to come to
the reunions. They were followed by members from AE-3, AE-25, AE-19, AE-14, and AE-18. By the late 1990’s
the AE Sailors Association was born. (1999 to be precise). Our membership is slowly growing and ranges
around 650 members from most of the AE’s and AOE’s. Five ship organizations have joined as a group,
including the USS Mt. Baker Association, the USS Mauna Loa Association, the USS Diamond Head Association,
USS Mt. Katmi and the USS Paricutin Association. Other ships like the USS Pyro have developed their own
Associations along with web sites and Facebook groups and they aggressively recruit members. Visit our
LINKS OF INTEREST page for a list of some of them.

As you know our members live all across the United States including Puerto Rico. Currently 25% live in the
Northeast, 21% in the Southeast, 20% in the Central states, 19% in the Great Lakes and 15% in the West.

We are often asked during what years our members served. Many assume that WWII and Korean Service
would represent the majority of the members. Actually our membership is 13% WWII, 14% Korean Service
years, Cold War years post Korea but before Vietnam is 17%, Vietnam Service years from 1960m to 1975 as
the base is 52% and 4% is post Vietnam. There are now veterans from Iraq joining.

The AE/AOE Sailors Association is a non-profit group recognized by the IRS and incorporated in Pennsylvania
as a non-profit veterans group. Your dues including lifetime are recognized by the IRS as charitable donation.

What makes shipmates want to join and stay active?

Ships and sailors memories live on, sea stories you share and rekindled through reunions and the news letter
OVER THE WAVES. Help share your pictures, newsletters, cruise books and write down any experiences (Sea
stories) you may want to share and send them in for the news letter. Co-Editors are Jerry and Bev King at Most of our members try to contact other members from their ship to try and get them to
join the Association. As everyone knows there is no magic list of shipmate’s names let alone contact
information where you can find them. Sign our guest book and your name will be added to the respective ships
roster. Although some ships have individual associations most do not. Many of the ships associations have
either been abandoned because the leaders became ill or disenchanted with all the work involved in the
business end of getting shipmates together like the legalese of contracts for hotels and tour companies, let
alone dealing with the IRS and state taxes agencies in becoming a non- profit organization.

In the past few years the AE/AOE Sailors Association has become more involved with veterans issues such as
Agent Orange, Blue Water Sailors, Asbestos and VA services. We don't claim to be experts but try to help any
sailor when possible.

Smooth sailing to all