I would like to know who is attending the reunion?
The AE/AOE Sailors Association has an obligation to keep our members information private so therefore we
Association members have a ships coordinator for each ship.  This individual would be a good source to
don’t give out attendance.  It is suggested to network with others from your ship.  The AE/AOE Sailors start

How can I find someone I served with?
There are a few suggestions.  First there is no list or document that shows who served on a ship.  A few
web sites have “collected” names from those that signed up.  Examples are the www.aesailors.com, www.
hullnumber.com and www.togetherweserved.  See the LINKS of interest page to access these web sites.   
Hullnumber is the most complete of which I am aware.  An internet search like Google is a good source if;
you have a name and address.  A few ships have individual web sites or Facebook pages so search these.  
Persistence is the main ingredient to success.

How do I find out where my ship was?
The only recorded log that is available is the ships Deck Log.  Each day the position of the ship is recorded
and throughout the day any change in the ships course, and most speed changes are noted.

How do I find out what happened on board ship?
Again, the Deck Log is the best source to start but the logs were very brief and not everything is written
down.  Here are some items that were generally noted.  A personal injury, General Quarters along with
some of the machinery startups/stops will be recorded like Blr. 1 shutdown, #2 Turbo Generator started.  
USS XXX on starboard to receive supplies.  There is a link on the home page to those deck logs that have
been scanned making them accessible on the Internet.